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Here is a brief excerpt from Seattle University School of Law.(You can see the complete article at: CLIMATE CHANGE, FOOD SECURITY, AND AGROBIODIVERSITY: TOWARD A JUST, RESILIENT, AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEM Carmen Gonzalez Professor of Law According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 75% of the world’s…

Farm History – Beef Production Part Two

Farm History quiz – Do you know what it takes to get from cattle in the field to steaks on the grill? If you don’t know, don’t worry, because you will find out here. In this farm history video we see the complete beef cycle from cattle on farm to…

Farm History – Beef Production Part One

Farm History quiz – Do you know which quarter of beef the sirloin comes from? If you don't know the answer, don't worry. You will find the answer here.In this living farm history video we see the complete beef cycle from cattle on the open range to burgers on the…

Is this your future barn?

What the Future Holds for 3-D Printing in Architecture and Design "OK now", you may be saying. "What the heck is a story about 3d printing doing on Remember the Farm"? And, you may be right, but we found this article on Houzz to be fascinating and started thinking. If…

Congress Repeals Country of Origin Law

Effective immediately, Congress has officially repealed country-of-origin labeling for meat. As if the competition wasn't already tough enough on our local meat producers, our government has sold out to Mexico and Canada, who were complaining for years that they weren't being treated fairly. So, what does this mean to you…

Farm Vacations with Kids
Farm Vacations with Kids

Looking for a farm vacation with kids? Anyone who ever lived or worked on a farm would find it humorous to hear the words “farm vacation”. But, irony aside, many farms are offering just that, farm vacations with kids and family friendly vacations for all us city folks. Some farms…

Floating Farms
Floating Farms – The Future of Farming?

These floating farms give us a glimpse into the possible future of farming.

Farmers Market Los Angeles
Farmers Market Los Angeles

Showcase – Farmers Market Los Angeles When Will Rogers said "buy land, they're not making any more of the stuff", he could have been thinking about Arthur Fremont (A. F.) Gilmore. Mr. Gilmore and his partner came from Illinois to Los Angeles in 1870, nine years before Will Rogers was…

Family Farm Video featuring kittens
Family Farm History – Three Little Kittens

This is the story of three little kittens from shortly after birth until they are old enough to work on the farm. In this family farm history video a farm wife finds a mother cat with three newborn kittens in the barn. After the kittens have had their breakfast of…

Farm History Video - Historic Round Barn
Farm History Videos – Farmer Browne

A simple and moving farm history video of Henry Browne and his family and what they are doing individually and collectively to win the war. Farmer Browne goes about the daily tasks of farming, so important in wartime. He plants fifteen acres of peanuts so that we will have more vegetable oils, needed so urgently. He conserves his land and takes care of his equipment. He greases his farm tools to prevent rust.