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Looking for a farmers market nearby? 

The first farmers market in United States started 275 years ago. Now there are thousands of farmers
markets and wherever you live, you are certain to find one near you. They all share a belief in bringing
the most fresh, wholesome food to you. Find your state below or search your zip code for a local farmers'
market and you may be surprised at all the opportunities to purchase local foods.

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One day in 1996, Forrest Pritchard stood silently with his shiny new English degree in his hand and watched his 400 acre family farm yield a grand total of $18.16. The unspoken fear for Pritchard and his father was that with financial returns like this, they would soon lose their farm. Determined to somehow save the family farm he made the fortunate decision to role up his sleeves and go to work…on the farm. What follows are some of the most comical, touching, difficult, and joyful scenes of learning and practicing sustainable farming. Even though Pritchard's father initially didn't agree with the decision, he soon became an enthusiastic and willing partner in the endeavor, at one point selling frozen chickens from his D.C office. Together they tried marketing firewood, then chickens, then beef, and ran into all the challenges of small family farming. They finally settled on grass fed cattle and sheep, becoming a successful part of the organic food movement. Pritchard's English degree has certainly served all of us well because he has written a touching, beautiful book about the sustainable farming movement. It's a very personal story that will inspire you to visit your local farmers' market today.

Mr. Pritchard went looking for heroes of local, sustainable food and found them at 18 exceptional farms all over the country. He also came up with more than 50 delicious recipes and over 250 pictures. This book is a rewarding look at how farmers around the country are changing the way we eat. You are sure to want to support local farmers and look for food grown with sustainable practices after reading these stories. Pritchard's writing is so compelling you want the stories to go on and on. The recipes and photographs combine to make this a perfect resource for exploring farmers' markets and meeting local farmers from across the country. Easy to read and cook from, this is a wonderful tribute to the local farmers who are sustaining America’s heritage and bringing us fresh, organic food. Filled with fascinating farm profiles and fresh recipes, Growing Tomorrow is sure to inspire your "inner farmer".