Why Remember The Farm?

We are here because we see a resurgence of interest in all things related to farming. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "resurgence" as: "a growth or increase that occurs after a period without growth or increase." Our renewed interest started with a trip back to our small Missouri hometown, igniting memories of a simpler time and nostalgia for what we thought was a fading way of life. However, as we've looked below the surface we are finding more people returning to farms and farm living, including a farm to table lifestyle and an increasing number of farmers markets. We are here to share the pleasures of farm life, whether you live there, take a farm vacation, or just a week end visit. We are especially interested in farm history, organic farming, family farms, farm to table food, and basically anything that reminds us of the way farming used to be and still is for many people. That's why we have searched for, transcribed, and in some cases edited archived vintage farm videos. We believe there is a renewed passion for farm life and we are happy to be a part of it.


Farmers Market

Find a Farmers Market near you.


Paleo Diet

Learn the Paleo way to better health.


Farm Fun

A short video of barnyard antics.

Antique Tractors
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  • Posted On March 7, 2021
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  • Posted On February 15, 2021
Farm History – Beef Production Part Two
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  • Posted On January 15, 2017
Farm History – Beef Production Part One
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  • Posted On January 14, 2017