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Farm History Video - Historic Round Barn
Farm History Videos – Farmer Browne

A simple and moving farm history video of Henry Browne and his family and what they are doing individually and collectively to win the war. Farmer Browne goes about the daily tasks of farming, so important in wartime. He plants fifteen acres of peanuts so that we will have more vegetable oils, needed so urgently. He conserves his land and takes care of his equipment. He greases his farm tools to prevent rust.

Family Farm History – Seed for Tomorrow

In the mid 1940's, farmers were being encouraged to form a union to survive. However, many still ended up selling and leaving the farm. This farm history video explores the pressures on the farmer. It outlines farmers' need for organization, education, cooperation, and political action to help them in their…

Farm History Tractor
Farm History – Vintage Farm Tractors

Farm History quiz: Did you know that tractors originally had steel wheels? In this living farm history video a farmer questions if his tractor will work better with rubber tires instead of steel wheels. He writes to the editor of a farming magazine and asks for help in making a…

family farm fun video
Family Farm Fun – Barnyard Animals

This is truly a family farm fun video. When was the last time you saw a Skunk chase and try to eat a chicken egg that wouldn't break?" Or a lamb who wants to referee a billiard game? How about a dog who says he's seen some crazy stuff around…

What is the Paleo Diet And Can Pork Chops, Pie and Chocolate Help You Look Fabulous?

The Paleo Diet is popular now As we have discovered, the paleo diet has lots of raving fans, but just as many people who never heard of the word. Wikipedia describes Paleo as: "a diet based on the foods ancient ancestors might likely have eaten, such as meat, nuts, and…