Farm Vacations with Kids

Looking for a farm vacation with kids?

Anyone who ever lived or worked on a farm would find it humorous to hear the words “farm vacation”. But, irony aside, many farms are offering just that, farm vacations with kids and family friendly vacations for all us city folks.

Some farms are offering family friendly vacations to supplement income, some because they recognize the value to the human spirit of just being on a farm. It truly does bring a peaceful feeling to be on a farm, even farm vacations with kids.

Farm vacations can be anything from a weekend bed and breakfast, to a week long put-on-your-boots-and-get-to-work vacation. There are even ranches that will let you mount up and round up the cattle just like the old west days. Well, almost like that anyway.

Most farm vacations, of course, focus on families with kids because it’s a perfect getaway for family
bonding time. However, a bit of searching will also bring up vacations for couples looking for some quiet time.horses-farm-vacation2

Our family has a farm, so we can “vacation” 365 days a year. (You know I’m kidding, right?)

We have done some of the searching for you and are happy to present a list of resources to help you. Naturally we haven’t been to all of the farms on this page, so PLEASE do your due diligence. We would sure love to hear back about any experiences to help refine our list for anyone looking for a farm vacation in the future.

Here are some farm vacations with kids that sure look good to us.

Liberty Hill Farm

If you are looking to do some farm chores or milk a cow, this is a great farm in Vermont that let’s you do this and more.

The Liberty Hill Farm has been open to guests since 1984 and has hosted many birthdays, family reunions, and group retreats. Everyone is drawn to the peace and quiet along with the many family activities that are offered.

Looking for real adventure, book a winter visit that includes snow skiing in Rochester, Woodstock, Brandon, Quechee, Middlebury, Killington and the Sugarbush ski areas.

Want learn more?
Visit Liberty Hill Farm

Abbey Road Farm

How would you like to stay overnight in a silo?

That’s exactly what this Oregon farm vacation offers. It gives new meaning to the word “unique”.

You will forget you are in a silo when you experience the plush beds, radiant floor heat and all around comfort of the guestrooms.

You can enjoy trips to nearby wineries and restaurants in between helping with chores and making goat cheese.

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Visit Abbey Road Farm

Blackberry Farm

Close your eyes and imagine an absolutely beautiful farm setting on the crest of a 9,200 acre estate in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

Got the picture?

OK, you don’t have to imagine anymore. The Blackberry Farm is real and their facilities are available for booking now.

Guests can study with the master cheese maker or jam lady to see the true farm to table food path. Or, go horseback riding, do some light chores, or simply treat yourself to the spa.>

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Visit Blackberry Farm

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