Is this your future barn?

"OK now", you may be saying. "What the heck is a story about 3d printing doing on Remember the Farm"?

And, you may be right, but we found this article on Houzz to be fascinating and started thinking. If 3d printing is unfolding around the world, then those of us who love the farm will soon see it around here also.

At first, 3d printing sounds a bit far fetched, but then you realize this is a technique that was invented by an American engineer in 1986, so it makes sense that it is starting to become mainstream.

Currently there are size limitations, but when the automobile was first invented no one could have imagined the car of today. Or, as one of our previous posts pointed out, it was hard to convince farmers to put rubber tires on their tractors as well. It's human nature that change doesn't happen overnight.

But, having said that, it's still only a quick leap to see that construction materials, tools, concrete, fences, barns and houses will be next.

Hope you enjoy this brief post and it gets your imagination going too.