Family Farm Fun – Barnyard Animals

This is truly a family farm fun video.

When was the last time you saw a Skunk chase and try to eat a chicken egg that wouldn't break?"
Or a lamb who wants to referee a billiard game? How about a dog who says he's seen some crazy stuff
around this barnyard?

This video also shows a stampede of geese and some little piggies pushing and shoving
to get under a fence, all in good fun, of course. No little piggy or any other animal was harmed in
filming these scenes.

Amazingly, these are great clips from old archives. We just put them together with music and
captions to make them come alive for you.

We think you will like these farm scenes in this short video. There are other animals on the farm doing funny things, too. This vintage video includes animal sounds and music.

Animals, by nature, are playful and with no coaxing from anyone can provide hours of entertainment simply doing the things they do every day. Humans can provide a lot of entertainment also when filmed in their natural and unrehearsed mode, but that's a video for another day. Right now we're showing barnyard animals doing what they do without coaching from any of us.

I saw many scenes like this while spending summers on the farm with my Grand Parents. I even created a few of them myself, playing trombone and looking out the window to see all the cows gathered at the fence to listen, squirting the cats while milking the cows (when my Grandfather wasn't looking). Cats can really jump when they get a squirt of milk, but then they just lick their face clean and wait for more.

My Grandson got a big kick out of this family farm fun video so I hope you and your family will enjoy it too.

Have fun!

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