What is a Hobby Farm

Probably the easiest definition is to say what a hobby farm isn't.

hobby-farm-man-vegetables2A hobby farmer probably isn't making a full time living on the farm. (Although some do)

Most hobby farmers probably do not have years of farming background. (Although some have)

Very few hobby farmers would have huge inventories of farm machinery. (Although some might)

You're starting to get the picture. Very heavy emphasis on the words "probably" and "although".

You can already tell we are having fun writing about this topic, right? It's true, we are. It's because a hobby farm appeals to everyone and anyone with a passion for all things farming. Hobby farming refers the growing number of people who are turning to farming in search of more meaning in life.

The new terminology in the tech field is "ioT" which stands for the "internet of things", you know, like your refrigerator telling you when you need more milk, and your car telling you when the tires are low.

I guess we could start a new term here, the "foT", which stands for the "farming of things". I know, it probably won't catch on, but it really speaks to the heart and soul of "hobby farms" and "hobby farming". Once the farm bug bites you, you will find a passion you didn't know was there.Hobby farmer picking apples

Hobby farms come in all shapes and sizes. Hobby farmers may have some cattle, some sheep, some goats, some chickens, cats, dogs, tomatoes, corn and just about anything else you could think of that would get you outside, in nature, and working your tail off.

Hobby farmers typically are beginners, or were beginners at some point and the love of farming just grew and grew. Eventually a hobby farmer wants to know everything about planting, growing, and harvesting; about livestock, sustainable living, crops, farm management, and even marketing.

When we speak and write here at Remember The Farm about appealing to your "inner farmer" we may be speaking to a future hobby farmer. If you've spent any time at all on a farm you know exactly what we mean.

Of course there is a serious side to farming, which includes an inherent desire to feed the people of the world and a need to do it better and better. We champion the small farmer and the hobby farm because of what farming does for the human spirit,but we understand that farming is also a business. remember-farm-mother-sonWe know that the debate continues about small farms vs industrial farms but it will continue with us or without us so we simply choose to celebrate the small farm, to share what we can about the hobby farm, and by the way, bring those fresh tomatoes in from the garden, it's time to eat.


From all of us at Remember the Farm